July Updates

How Is It Nearly The End Of July Already?

Time has been flying past these couple of months. I have been super busy working with Horse Cleaning developing a new website and improving the eCommerce experience.

So while i have been quiet in terms of not posting much content here within the Community, i have not been totally absent from service! Behind the scenes i have been busy working away working on fixes and applying minor changes to the look and feel of the network.

There have been 15 updates to the Community since March. I have not been great at communicating these, and i apologise! Just not enough time in the day to document them all sadly and given that most of these improvements have been for core background coding from a user experience point of view you will not have noticed too much change…

Here is a summary of some improvements that you may have noticed:

  • New font added to the network to help readability and responsiveness of page loading
  • Improved mobile layout
  • New mobile menu and submenus
  • Pinned posts in Groups now have a new highlight colour to stand out
  • Improved header style for mobile users, cleaned up spacing for the logo and menu buttons
  • Activity page has had some minor visual improvements for pinned posts, comments and post design
  • Removed the horizontal scroll bar for mobile users to improve the usability
  • Sent a request to join a Group? You can now cancel these requests if you want to withdraw the request
  • When sharing a link on the Community, the link previews script has been updated for a better render of the link
  • Send gifs in mobile chat
  • Improved layout for Registration form fields
  • Improvements to scheduling posts feature
  • New post type selector button in post editor now groups post, poll, video, audio content types together for improved usability
  • Improvements on sitewide notifications

I will add full details to https://www.myequestrian.network/updates when i complete the next update scheduled for week 2 of August!