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    My Equestrian Network was created so that people can discuss horses in a friendly, fun, helpful environment. While My Equestrian Network Forum is open to the public, we reserve the right to restrict access to those who undermine our efforts to preserve the character of the community.

    Please exercise what we call conscientious etiquette when you post. This means that you keep the objective of preserving the forum’s friendly, fun, helpful environment in the forefront of your mind as you write your message.

    If your post is nasty, condescending, rude, etc., regardless of how subtle, and whether shrouded in the form of an opinion or otherwise, it is subject to be removed and your access to My Equestrian Network Forum may be restricted.

    This applies to the Critique forum as well. People come here because they are passionate about their horses. Naturally, a biting critique about an animal a person is passionate about can be very hurtful. While a request for critique implicitly invites criticism, the sensitive nature of such topics is all the more reason to post conscientiously, keeping the other person’s feelings in mind.

    Our interest in preserving the nature of the community trumps our interest in allowing everyone to share their opinion here. If you can’t share your opinion in such a way so as to preserve the friendly, fun, helpful nature of the community, don’t.

    Please exercise conscientious etiquette when you post. Please use the report button to notify My Equestrian Network staff when you read something by somebody who clearly hasn’t.

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